Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Obligation of seeking knowledge via the understanding of the salafus saliheen

Table of contents

1-The definition of the Salaf us Saaliheen

2-Proofs from the Qur’an

3-Proofs from the traditions of the Prophet & his companions

4- Instances when the understanding of the Salaf us Saaliheen is most required
4.1   Ijmaa (Concensus)
4.2   Ijtihaad of the Salaf in issues that required them
4.3   In issues of Islam that need to be learnt by looking and personal tutorship and cannot be obtained by books alone

5- Fataawa of the scholars on adhering to the understanding of the Salaf

6- They used to say so-and-so is a Salafi

7- The books that enlist the sayings & fataawa of the Salaf

8- Answers to some questions

9- Is opposition of the Salaf even rational or logical?

10- Conclusion

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